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Note: there are some more up-to-date and relevant liks in the 'related research' section of my research page.

  Stuart Kauffman (Complexity)
Andrew Wuensche (Boolean Network dynamics)
Chris Langton (Cellular Automata, Emergence)
Barry McMullin (modeling Autopoiesis)
Alexander Riegler
Filippo Menczer : local information (Evolution and Latent Energy Environments)
Jari Vaario : local information (Self-organizing systems)
Tom Ray (Tierra)
John Koza (GA, GP)
John Holland (Complexity, Emergence)
Melanie Mitchell (Evolving CA, computational mechanics)
James Crutchfield (Evolving CA, computational mechanics)
Stephanie Forrest (Immunology)
Ezequiel Di Paolo (evolution of communication, behavioural coordination)
Luc Steels (Robotics, linguistic consensus, coordination)
Rodney Brooks : local information (Embodied robotics)
Inman Harvey (EASy @ COGS)
Domenico Parisi (Alife @ GRAL)
Stephano Nolfi (Alife @ GRAL)
Stephen Wolfram : publications (CA)
Adrian Thompson (Hardware evolution)
Roland Somogyi (Reverse engineering Boolean networks, gene activation networks). Homepage no longer available - gone commercial
Places / groups
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  Santa Fe Institute (SFI) (c.f. Evolving CA project - EvCA, Publications, Research)
GRAL (Research Group on Artificial Life, Rome)
Avida Alife Group (CalTech, Living systems requirements)
Stanford robotics group
MIT Media Lab Software Agents Group

COGS (including Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems Group)
Free University of Brussels (VUB) Origins of Language Group
Edinburgh's DAI Mobile Robots Group
Department of Cybernetics at Reading Univsersity
Tools / simulations
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Floys (and various permutations thereof)
Tierra (Tom Ray's evolving digital life-forms)
SWARM (SFI's generic modeling and simulation tool)
InfoSpiders / ARACHNID (Menczer)
DDLab - Discrete Dynamics Lab (v. powerful, map and sculp basins of attraction for CA and Random Boolean Networks. Dos and Unix) 
CelLab (related publications)
Ising Model Applet
Cellular Automata Simulation System
CMU's CA packages
BZ reaction and autocatalysis tool
The Temple of ALife ['artistic' applications, funky applets]

Links / info nodes
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International Society for Artificial Life
Zooland (fantastic, particularly for applications etc.!)
Alife Games (eds. Parisi and Menczer)
SFI Alife online 2.0 FAQ resources site
Cellular Automata FAQ download
GRAL's WWW Links (many research group URLs)
Moshe Sipper (lots of CA info and resources)
Patrick Tuft's Virtual ALife library
AI, Cognitive Science and Robotics WWW Resource Page (duplicate page, original no longer available)
Observer Web (Autopoiesis)
Principa Cybernetics
BEAM robotics [commercial site]: local information
Agent Link
UMBC Agent Web
GA List archive

Reference / biblio
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  Ezequiel Di Paolo's ALife bibliography (with links on online papers)
Alexander Riegler - papers online
The 'New' ALife Database (Java based, searchable, automatically updated)
The 'Old' ALife Database (emphasis on code sharing)
Parallel & Distributed Processing Laboratory - Digital Library ALife section
ACM Digital Library
Observer web Autopoiesis bibliography
Bibliographies on AI (by Koza and Langdon)
Publications downloadable from GRAL

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