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Subject Computer Science (ALife, Embodiment and Adaptive systems)
Supervision 1st:         Graham Roberts (UCL)
External: Kerstin Dautenhahn (Adaptive Systems, University of Hertfordshire)
2nd:        Janet McDonnell (UCL)
Unofficial external: Chrystopher Nehaniv (Adaptive Systems, University of Hertfordshire)
Location Department of Computer Science, University College London
Funding EPSRC studentship (10/1996 to 10/1999); now self-funded

10/1996 - Present

Excuse: radically changed direction after one and a half years of research, then ran out of funding and ended up working full-time for a couple of years before returning to the fray in early 2002.


MSc (Distinction)

Subject Computer Science
Thesis Graphical User Interface Design for Intelligent Financial Systems. Based on prototype development for Searchspace Ltd.
Location Department of Computer Science, University College London
Funding EPSRC
Date 10/1995 - 09/1996
Undergraduate Degree  

BA (Hons.)

Subject Philosophy (Epistemology, Meta-Physics, Logic, Methodology, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Language).
Thesis On reconciling the correspondence and coherence theories of Truth
Location Heythrop College, University of London
Date 10/1991 - 06/1994
Commercial [nutshell]  
Roles Various IT roles, mostly web-related technology (backend systems, infrastructure and software design / build), from 1995 to present. Some freelancing; uber-geek for a few start-ups (two commercial, one charitable). 12/2001 to 03/2006, Chief Technical Officer for Digit, an award-winning Interactive Design agency. 03/2006 to 08/2008, CTO and founder at Netemic. 12/2008 to present, Technical Director and even-more-award-winning Digital Creative agency, Poke.
Function Semi-professional bass player
Manuskript Also, my lovely horse:
All on Ressurection Records
Natural High (LP)
Devil's Advocate (LP)
Spooky (EP)
The Diversity of Life (LP)
I Can't believe it's not Goth! (EP)




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